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In home Virtual Sessions

Experience the magic and sparkle from the comfort of your own sacred space.  

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Spiritual Designer Events

Whether you are looking for a small private party or a large corporate event, Shellie and Natosha will captivate your friends, staff and your clients generating lots of fun and intrigue at the party. We can accommodate Theme Reading to compliment your business or we can offer more in-depth VIP Readings for Special guests. 

Personal  Private Sessions  with Natosha Keefer 

Have a fun energetic session with Natosha! Her artistic vibrations will get you inspired to take back your power.

Personal Private Sessions with Shellie Jennings 

Get an enlightening session with Shellie.  Her style will leave you feeling confident and at ease knowing that you can change your destiny. 

Meet and Great Wisdom Gala's

Have a casual or formal gathering and we will come and mix with the guests and help bring the party to life. We will interweave ourselves with the group helping the people to meet on a whole new level of existing.  

Artistic Whimsical Entertainment

Spend your time with Natosha and Shellie diving deep into your souls purpose through art and spiritual processes. Enter the whimsical wisdom zone and experience a vulnerable non judgement place where you give yourself permission to tackle the obstacles that our karmic  blueprint has produced.  You will paint your own canvas during a energy healing Whimsical alignment session guided by Natosha and Shellie.  

VIP  Destination Designer Events

Vip customized getaways.  These are intensive trips designed to ignite the Divine Spark of your spiritual being.  It is a 4 to 10 day retreat in luxurious  places with Shellie and Natosha and a select group of high vibrational  lightworkers. 

Whimsical Alignment Sessions

The Whimsical Hour is the energetic element that starts with your inner essence. The liberating spiritual experience we create enables you to see the direction you should be heading with new eyes and clarity.