Events and Parties

Contact us to discuss your plans, ideas and budget.  We will create an event that is truly memorable

2 hour minimum for all events
Minimum of 6 people to have us out for an event 
We have pricing plans for everyone

Social Events

Customized Pricing

If you want to upgrade your cocktail hour or reception to make it truly memorable, see if Shellie and Natosha are available.   We bring the excitement and value of our work to the intimacy of smaller environments as we “stroll” through the crowd doing intuitive readings and aura essence color readings like they’ve never witnessed before.”

Fund Raisers

Customized Pricing

Contact us to discuss your budget and we can create a fundraiser that is truly memorable, Shellie and Natosha bring the excitement to the environment and entertain your guests as the gather for a good cause.

Corporate Team Building

Customized Pricing

We can make your next company retreat or training an inspiring and illuminating event. We design creative and relevant creative projects to meet your event goals. We simply help your team find a few hours of playful fun and relaxation.


Customized Pricing

People want to give their guests a highly experiential gift, something that’s completely interactive and different. An intuitive Tarot Reading and an Aura Essence painting brings connection, excitement and laughter. You’re leaving with something more important than chocolate or wine. You’re leaving with a personalized experience.  Shellie and Natosha bring the excitement and value of their work to the intimacy of your girls night, bachelorette party, Weddings, Birthday party or any occasion you have for getting together. 
Contact us to discuss payment options.  We will create a party plan that is truly memorable, 

Art as Therapy Workshops

Customized Pricing

We're pros at working with groups and getting each person to walk away with a nugget of insight, self-knowledge, or just plain delight.
Our art therapy events deliver a strong return on investment and a solid dose of fun.  
Art Therapy may look like arts and crafts, but in our capable hands the potential for enhancing self-awareness, team cohesion, and flexible thinking is boundless. Many people who work in corporate environments spend a lot time in their heads; worrying and overthinking. Art making can be a laboratory to make discoveries and practice taking risks that can translate to the real world of your business. It‘s also relaxing and fun!
Contact us to discuss your budget and we can create a workshop that is truly memorable,